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HypnoBirthing at the Wellbeing Clinic

My next HypnoBirthing Group class begins on the 4th September 2018 in the Wellbeing Clinic, 6 London Road, Marlborough. If you are interested in finding out more or booking a place, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or

Exam stress

The summer term for many families brings with it the enormous stress of exam preparation. Whether we like it or not we all have to deal with taking exams at some point in our life be it at school, University

HypnoBirthing Coffee Morning

Whatever our experience of Childbirth, mothers will always love to talk about it. I love getting mums together to share their experiences, and for those who are still expecting and hungry for information to be able to ask questions over


I really enjoy meeting my wonderful clients and helping them to achieve their goals in life and I love seeing all the tiny babies that have arrived and their happy parents. If you are on facebook please do have a look

Spirit and Destiny Magazine Article

This month I am excited that I have an article in the July issue of Spirit and Destiny magazine where you can read my birth story. If you were not able to get the magazine you can download & read

Meeting of the Maternity and the Newborn Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine

In June I attended a facinating afternoon of lectures at the Royal Society of Medicine. It was really encouraging to hear so much positivity surrounding Hypnosis in childbirth and pregnancy. The practice of using Hypnosis for childbirth has been around


Obviously, every birth is different but hypnobirthing can prepare you for whatever you want your birth to be and, most importantly, it puts you in control of what should be the happiest day of your life.

Loosing weight with Hypnotherapy

With 25% of women and 20% of men in the UK now classified as obese it is more important than ever to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic.

My Own HypnoBirthing Experience

HypnoBirthing® was a concept that I had heard mentioned but never really took much notice of. I was certainly dubious that anything could really be done to ease the agony apart from an epidural. My mother found childbirth hideous and

Kathrine talks about her experience

I felt more relaxed after the one hour treatment than I had done in months; I learnt a lot about myself and how to control my negative thoughts and fears – and best of all I fell pregnant within 6 weeks!

What Others Say…
Thank you so much, after one session I feel so much more confident, I had felt very anxious but I am…