Depression is one of the most common mood disorders and is on the increase.

If you have been diagnosed with Depression by your doctor, and have been prescribed medication. Hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial in working alongside this treatment to restore your happiness.

Drugs alone are not often enough and doctors sadly do not have the time to spend with each of their patients to take a more holistic approach.
Hypnosis for depression uses a combination of different approaches to bring you back on track to a healthier lifestyle. It is a natural and safe means of building self-esteem and confidence, and will provide you with daily and weekly goals whilst focusing on the positive aspects of your life.

Depression or Anxiety in Pregnancy and Postnatal Depression can take us by surprise as we are adjusting to the demands on our body and our time. There are many simple methods that I can teach you to help you through.

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Thank you so much, after one session I feel so much more confident, I had felt very anxious but I am…
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