One in nine people is affected by a phobia which can be described as the fear of a fear. Phobias can be psychological and a learned response in the brain and biological and evolutionary. They can be learned through others indeed 40% of phobias are passed on from a parent to a child, sometimes they are the result of a trauma that we have experienced or sometimes they develop through our instincts.

The list of phobias is endless but the most common that I see and treat clients for are:

  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of vomiting
  • Fear of blood
  • Fear of spiders Fear of driving

Treatment very much depends on the phobia however I always teach self hypnosis to all clients so that they can continue to reinforce change. Clients are encouraged face their fears and are often astonished at how easy it is to move on and forget about the fear.

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Thank you so much, after one session I feel so much more confident, I had felt very anxious but I am…
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