What My Clients Say…

Hannah and her course were simply brilliant and had a huge positive impact on myself and my husband both in the run up to labour and during labour itself. Hannah took the fear element out of the experience and helped us focus on all the wonderful positives. We had a wonderfully quick and relaxed labour using the techniques and our baby boy arrived only 15 mins after arriving at the hospital! Perfect. Huge thanks to Hannah for everything she did for us.

Charlie and Ben

Having my first baby felt like an exciting but quite daunting prospect. Hannah was brilliant in teaching me many relaxation techniques which helped me feel calm and in control during labour. I am really pleased I did hypnobirthing with Hannah and she is definitely an asset to any mother to be!


Hannah was fantastic. Her calm and relaxed approach was easily transferred to us. She talked us through many relaxation techniques which really helped to take your mind off to another place. She taught us that the more relaxed we were the better we could cope with the task in hand.

Anna, Streatham

I am no longer afraid of flying and actually enjoyed the last trip that I went on.

L, London

I wish I had known about this sooner, it has totally changed the way I feel.

A, London

We had a completely natural vaginal birth which was relatively quick but very intense.

Thank you for your help with the hypnobirthing, it certainly made a difference.

L, London

HypnoBirthing meant we had the confidence to have a really gentle home birth, a fast labour and much quicker recovery as a result.

M, London

I cannot recommend Hannah and her hypnotherapy sessions highly enough…Hannah has a very calm and professional approach. I felt more relaxed after the one hour treatment than I had done in months.

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